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    Wedding Music and Wedding Songs Performed live

    Wedding Music and Wedding Songs for wedding ceremonies

    Wedding Music:

    Wedding music has the ability to make or break a wedding. Picture having your favorite childhood song performed live as you walk down the isle, or dancing with your father at your wedding to a song he had playing in the house when you were a child. Maybe your wedding song could be the song that you and your partner first kissed to? At Australian Wedding Entertainment we believe that music and the choice of a specific wedding song selection is important. This is why we have the wedding song search feature built into our website. In our enquiry form we also allow our clients to specify their song selection prior to confirming the booking to ensure the act can perform your wedding song for you.
    Search for your favorite wedding song today to find your perfect wedding musician!

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    Wedding Music Styles:

    Music needs to complement the style of wedding that you are having. Below are some options to consider and are only a guide and things for you to consider.

    Wedding music for traditional church weddings:

    Traditional wedding music and traditional weddings go hand in hand and we recommend classical music to complement this style of wedding ceremony. Here is an example:

    We have plenty of classical acts for all budgets available, click here to see our classical wedding acts:

    Click here to view our Classical Wedding Musicians

    Wedding Music for Garden Weddings:

    Garden weddings have a relaxed feel and the choice in music needs to reflect this. An acoustic duo is a great option for garden weddings, choosing the right wedding songs is also very important. Here is an example of wedding music suitable for a garden wedding ceremony:

    Click here for our Garden wedding ceremony music

    Wedding Music for Beach Weddings

    The chilled out vibe of a beach wedding is growing ever more popular and when Australia has the most beautiful beaches in the world its no surprise why. One thing to consider is you are exposed to the elements and if the surf is large then amplified production may be required. Here is an act that we recommend for beach weddings as they are able to provide suitable production for beach weddings as well as fitting the “Chilled out, relaxed, beach vibe”

    To find out more or to book please click here:

    Click here for our Beach wedding Music