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    Wedding Music: Tips to help you make the right choice!

    Debunking the Myths of Hiring a Band for Your Wedding Music


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    Is your wedding just around the corner and you are still wondering whether to go for a live band for your big day or not? Your wedding music will have such a significant impact on your wedding so its important to get it right. We understand that some popular myths about hiring wedding bands must be affecting your decision, but have you ever thought that those myths might not be true?

    Read on, as we have debunked the popular myths of hiring a live band for your wedding day!

    1.    Bands are Cheesy!

    People often think that live bands are cheesy! But that’s not completely true. Several wedding bands are doing a fantastic job and aren’t being cheesy either. You just have to look out for the right band that can match the theme of your wedding. Moreover, do not opt for any band just on someone else’s recommendation. Instead watch live videos of the bands and see whether they are apt to perform for your wedding guests or not. You can even visit the venue they are performing at. Becoming a part of their live show will help you get a better idea about hiring the band.

    2.    Bands Do Not Have a Variety to Offer

    Moving on to the second myth, that wedding bands do not offer a variety of songs and only play a few selected ones. Well, that’s not true at all! Yes, wedding bands do have their own play list that they regularly play on events, but this does not mean that they are not open to suggestions. Wedding bands these days tend to be quite flexible with the songs they play and they welcome all sorts of requests from the couple along with learning new tunes for the couple’s first dance. Isn’t it thoughtful of them? Yes it is! Therefore, before believing on some baseless myth, you must see the playlist of the band and ask them whether they will play your special song requests or not.

    wedding music

    3.    Bands are loud!

    Next up is myth no. 3, i.e. wedding bands are too loud! People often resist hiring live bands for their wedding day because they think that the band won’t be able to perform according to the theme and will turn their wedding into a noisy concert. However, bands nowadays are well aware about the difference between a wedding reception and a concert and the importance of wedding music on your big day. Moreover, couples also believe that live bands come along with too many instruments, which makes the event too loud for the guests. But the fact is that the number of musical instruments has nothing to do with the volume. In fact, an experienced band will consider the acoustic requirements, study the venue and control the amp accordingly.

    4.    The Bigger, the Better!

    People often assume that a wedding band can only be successful if it is big in size. However, wedding bands these days are not just limited to huge orchestras and numerous musicians performing together. So, instead of pitching in for a bigger band, first see the quality of music they are offering and then consider the size of the band.

    Now that you know about all the popular myths that wedding bands are always associated with, next thing you have to do is book your wedding music from  Australian Wedding Entertainment! Contact us for your wedding ceremony or reception and we assure you that our class apart wedding bands will not only debunk the aforementioned myths, but will also make your big day all the more outstanding!

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