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    How important is live music entertainment at my wedding?

    Many people that we come in touch with, either via meeting them at bridal expos or they have contacted us to book a wedding DJ, have already settled on booking the standard DJ for their wedding reception. This is either because its already apart of their reception package and its the “easy option” or they are not sure where to start, when it comes to booking a live band.


    You need to make decisions on a number of things and this can be stressful and daunting for most brides and grooms. Such as:-
    Deciding on a male or female singer or both?
    Choosing between a pop, rock, Rnb, Jazz, Funk, Soul style band?
    Should I have a duo, a trio or a 5 piece band?
    Here are OUR main reasons why choosing a live band is ALWAYS the better option, and we can be there to help you along every step of the process:- 
    1 –  Depending on the quality of live music acts you book, artists can create a fabulous vibe and mood to your wedding ceremony or reception. There is much more joy listening to live music as the performing artists share their sentiments with the guests, can read a crowd with the perfect next song selection (keeping them on the dance floor for that “one more song”, and can interact with guests just to name a few reasons.
    2 – DJs can often be impersonal and typically play classic standard wedding songs that are predicable, daggy or just plain out dated. This can leave your guests not willing to get up & dance along to. Example, the chicken dance, bus stop, or the old faithful Macarena.
    3 – Live singers create a magical and warm atmosphere and changes the dynamic of the venue entirely. They can lift guest spirits and gets your crowd engaged.
    4 – There are ALWAYS the two main discussion topics that your guests walk away from weddings and make comments about – Food and Entertainment.
    Some clients believe that wedding bands will blow their wedding budget out of proportion, however have you ever challenged yourself to re-think where your priorities are with your budget if that’s what’s stopping you from booking a band? i.e. can you cut your budget back a little on smaller items (less significant) such as, flowers, bombonieres, elaborate centerpieces, take spirits off your bar tab?
    All these items do add up (and quickly) so if your sticking to a strict budget, then spending less on these suggestions (there are many more) allows you much more flexibility in budgeting for a band. These are not items your guests will remember your wedding day of with a lasting impression (it is usually how much fun they had celebrating with you on your big day)
    Australian Wedding Entertainment are entertainment specialists and we are happy to assist you in selecting the perfect option for your Big Day. We will also ensure that if you have a budget, we can cater to this. We also have flexible payment options available should smaller payment installments be more affordable for you. We can tailor make packages to suit your style or theme of wedding. So why not call us / email us today for an obligation free chat or quote about your wedding.
    Please Note: – (these are our personal suggestions only) and there are DJ’s available that are truly fantastic at what they do.
    We have them available for booking here also ; )