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    Choosing A Wedding Band: 7 Important points to consider

    Choosing A Wedding Band: 7 Important points to consider


    Choosing a wedding band is not an easy task, a good band or entertainer can have an amazing impact on your wedding and alternatively, poor or amateur musicians can have a detrimental impact on your wedding day. Wedding couples are usually happy to spend money on wedding photography, wedding flowers, wedding cakes etc although when it comes to the aspect that will have the most impact on the night itself, the entertainment, they are reluctant and opt for the cheap/easy option, having the DJ the venue provides! We believe that choosing the right band is an important aspect of making your wedding night extra special. So what are the key aspects you need to consider when choosing a wedding band? We have made an easy guide to assist you with choosing your wedding band.

    1. Style:

    The style of wedding music needs to reflect you, your partner and your guests. It is important to consider if the band to entertain you or your guests? In most cases you would hope that a good wedding band can accommodate both! Be careful not to choose an act that you may love although may not cater to your guests needs and try to look for versatility in the acts set list.

    2. Number of Band members:

    Large bands can be great for venues with space and good acoustic qualities although if your wedding is going to be in a small venue a duo may be more appropriate. Drummers generally make the performance considerably louder so you may wish to see if the band offers a duo option for dinner music followed by a full band for party music after.

    3. Professionalism:

    The act should be professional in their dealings with you. They should reply to your requests in a timely matter, if an act can not provide a quote within 48 hours then they are not going to be organised enough to meet your wedding needs.

    4. Price:

    The price for a band may vary considerably, price doesn’t always determine the quality of an act although if an act is too cheap it may reflect quality. Most importantly, if an act can not provide you with a public performance date to hear them live then you should reconsider booking the act. Acts of high demand generally charge more as they are more popular and are able to do so.

    5. Inclusions:

    Some acts provide their own production and lighting, other this will be an additional expense. This is something you need to have in writing when confirming an act. Inclusions can include: Wireless microphones for use during speeches, DJ service for while the act are taking a break, some acts also offer to MC the event, learning the first dance song for you etc.

    6. Song Requests:

    Is there a specific song that you have your heart set on for your first dance? if so this should be mentioned when you are contacting a band. Most acts will learn a song for you on request for your wedding although many acts who perform at weddings on a regular basis can not learn 5 songs for each wedding they perform at as it is just not physically possible. if you have specific songs in mind always mention this at the quoting stage to avoid disappointment latter.

    7. Pack up and set up:

    Pack up and set up are an important aspect to consider. The act will require access to your venue at least 2 hours prior to the event in most cases as this will allow them to ensure levels are correct for the night. It is important to also consider that if you only book a band for 3 hours and your reception is 5 hours then the band will pack up and leave in the middle of your reception. In most cases we recommend against having this occur as it may take away for your big day.

    Want more information or would you like us to recommend an act based on you preferences? Please click on the link below and fill out the below form and we will get back to you with some options, please tell us the style of music you are after as well as your budget and location so we can cater for your specific needs.

    Let us help you find your wedding band!

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